The following are factors should be considered in an evaluation of the suitability of the CoreFreight solution within your company:

Comprehensive Functionality

The broad CoreFreight application user-base ensures relevance and breadth of functionality.

 Cost effective

The pricing structure is designed to ensure that the client only pays for the functionality required at the individual user’s level. 


The application is successfully operated by single users through to installations with hundreds of users


Core Freight strives to both constantly refine existing processes and introduce new functionality as deemed appropriate.

 Customer Focus

We understand that IT should deliver benefits not only to the operator but also the customer the operator is servicing

 Proven Reliability

The existing client-base is evidence of the reliability of the service provided by Core Freight

 Real-time Support

The application design provides for real-time support of Users with  a view of the individual operator’s session


The organization is conscious of the need not to promise functionality which we cannot deliver. Potential clients are encouraged to refer to 3rd parties determine the product suitability for their specific requirements.