The company provides a solution based on a number of modules, as follows:
1. Forwarding & Clearing

CoreFreight is the primary application module. It provides a comprehensive operations support system for South African forwarding and clearing via Airfreight, SeaFreight, Road and Rail in one integrated package, providing the following functionality:

·         Import Shipments
·         Export Shipments
·         Exbond Processing
·         Transaction Accounting & Disbursement Control
·         Warehousing
·         Customer Relationship Management 

1.1 General Features

The application is designed with the specific objectives of improving the operational efficiency, enhancing management control, and assisting an Agent’s operators in meeting the requirements of the importer/exporter they are servicing. 

Its features include a Windows interface with a logical process-flow applied consistently throughout the application which facilitates the training of new staff and cross-skilling of existing employees. Flexible security settings allow the user access to be tailored in accordance with an individual Agent’s organizational structure. 

The User interaction is made easy through the use of a “Personal Task Manager” comprising an “Inbox” and “Work-in-Progress” section which reflect the process status of each file allocated to the User, and easy access to the last point of entry on the file. The current process status of each file is immediately evident and detailed process audit trails provide a step by step record, inclusive of time-stamps and User ID’s. 

Reporting is comprehensive and covers all aspects of the system operation.  Reports may be output in PDF format or as data files (eg. CSV/Excel etc) as deemed appropriate. All output may be printed as hard-copy or e-mailed direct from the application. 

1.2 Imports, Exports and Exbonds processing

The shipment processing and management functionality available includes Routing Orders, Indents Management, Forwarding, Clearing, Invoicing, Debtors Management and the requirements of SARS Customs Clearing & MAS, Portnet and other relevant 3rd party service providers are addressed wherever relevant in the process. Sophisticated reporting for both internal and client purposes is available for all aspects of the operation of the system from File Registration to Delivery Instruction. An Importer/Exporter Parts Library ensures fast data entry and consistent tariff application and output of flexible import landed costings are provided for the Importers records. Automatic report scheduling is available as considered appropriate.

1.3 Transaction Accounting & Disbursement Control

Shipment invoicing applies standard or client specific rates structures and real-time credit checking provides control over this vital aspect of an Agent’s business. Detailed file-level accounting for each transaction provides management the ability to monitor and control shipment profitability to the level they require, with proven interfaces into a broad range of general ledger accounting packages. 

1.4 Warehousing

The optional Warehousing functionality addresses this component of a forwarding and clearing operator’s business which arises as a function of the Import or Export process. The receipt, storage, dispatch of the goods and invoicing of all associated activities are catered for. 

1.5 Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”)

Potential and Existing client details and contact history are easily recorded and managed through the CRM. 

A flexible, comprehensive Estimates facility is available. This provides an illustrative “invoice” reflecting all pertinent detail based on a User-defined rate can be used to produce a detailed landed “pre-costing” at supplier invoice line level using prevailing exchange rates, duties etc. 

2. CoreXchange

This module provides an established mechanism for data to be moved into and out-of the CoreFreight database in a reliable and efficient manner – in essence linking users of CoreFreight into the Supply Chain without manual recapture of data. The advantages of this are obvious – electronic data interchange with other applications in use by the agent, either within his own environment or through an international network, or his client saves manual capture with the associated time, cost and accuracy problems.   Existing operations servicing the motor industry illustrate and prove the benefits of CoreXchange.

3. CoreDocs

CoreDocs is a document image storage and retrieval application which is integrated into CoreFreight. All pertinent CoreFreight produced documents are automatically indexed and archived during transaction file processing without any operator intervention. This creates the framework for filing any additional documents, for example e-mail correspondence, excel spreadsheets, proof-of-delivery etc, which may be easily added to the filing system with minimum effort. The use of barcodes and scanning technology provides fast and accurate filing of hardcopy documents.

Access to CoreDocs is direct by the operator from within the CoreFreight application, allowing easy reference. They may be reviewed on-line or copies forwarded direct via e-mail to the external parties as required. The application goes beyond merely being a repository for historical data, but provides a centralized point of reference for working documents on a current transaction file.   

4. CoreQuery

CoreQuery is an internet-based facility which provides the Importer/Exporter comprehensive real-time insight into the shipment file being processed on his behalf by the Forwarding/Clearing agent. The data available is not limited to tracking steps only, but copies of pertinent documents such as the Bill of Entry or Agent’s invoice may be downloaded by the client. Imports Indents & Clearing and Export files are all accommodated the data is easily downloaded into Excel for the Importer/Exporter records and further management control.